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Vacation Revisited: Better Late Than Never

I am a bit behind on the vacation scoop, but it's been a busy week. Better late than never, right?!? Several people messaged me about sharing pictures and details, so I thought I would give you just a quick overview today.

All in all, while you have to appreciate any vacation, we had love-hate relationship with the weather that made our beach vacation not-so-beachy for probably half of the time. Still, I suppose a rainy day at the beach is still better than a day at work...

We headed to Fairhope, Alabama at the beginning of the week. One of my best friends from college lives there, so we spent a few days visiting her. Unfortunately, the week began with rainy weather. So we spent the day walking around downtown Fairhope, and I think I visited every antique shop in the town. (Russ really is such a good sport.) We ate lunch at this awesome diner downtown.
My friend lives really close to the bay, so we went for an evening walk and met this guy...
The sun was shining on Tuesday, so we headed to Gulf Shores for the day.
That night,we went out to eat for dinner at a local restaurant called "Big Daddy's Grill." It was scrumptious. I loved their service "rules." Check out the front cover of the menu.
On Wednesday, we headed to Fort Walton Beach, and we enjoyed quite a bit of sunshine that day before late afternoon rain hit us.
On Thursday, we woke up to more rain, and it lasted all day. We spent most of the day playing UNO. How long has it been since you played UNO? I couldn't remember the last time, either. It wasn't sand and sun, but it was fun for a while.

The weather finally cleared up later that afternoon, so Russ and I went to FudPucker's for dinner. Is it sad that I had never been there to eat before? I used to have one of the t-shirts (who didn't, right?!?), but this was my first FudPucker's experience. 
Friday was, by far, the best day of the week. I was sure it had to be a good day because it marked the one-year-anniversary of the day Russ proposed, at the same beach last summer. If you missed my story about that last week, you can still read it here
As a double-blessing for the day, we woke up to sunshine. It lasted all day, and we enjoyed every minute of it on the beach.
Have you taken a vacation yet this summer? Where did you go? If you blogged about your trip, feel free to share the link! :)

Happy Thursday!

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