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Our new bed! (Bedroom redo)

Hello all and welcome to a new week! Whoot!(?)  :)

Hope you had a lovely weekend! I was busy finishing up some big changes to our master bedroom. It’s still no where near done, but a BIG part is done and I’m. in. LOVE.

So this little redo was going to happen anyway, but it was hurried up a bit when I found out we were getting a new bed. It’s a long story, hang in there with me.

I’ve mentioned a few times over the past year or so that I’ve been wanting to move on from our four poster bed we’ve had for years:

dark wood four poster bed

We got it at Bombay company seven years ago and got a smokin’ deal. It was $1000 and I got it 40 percent off ($600). Now the same bed goes for $1,400:

bombay four poster bed

Ours was still in great condition. For months I thought about reusing the base part (cutting down the legs and posters), but I realized it would be such a waste. Instead I sold it on Craigslist and made enough to cover the entire master redo! (I hope anyway.)

Side note – my Dad helped me assemble that bed seven years ago this past April, and the day after we did that I found out I was pregnant with the Bub. :) I’ve always known exactly how long we’ve had it because of that.

Anyway, it was lovely. But over the years I realized it was making our room feel small:

traditional bedroom

Our bedroom is huge -- about 20 by 17 feet and most of the room has really tall ceilings, but that bed was SO BIG. Oh, and I needed a stool to get up in it. At first that was fun, but I’m getting to dang old for that. ;)

So I knew it was going to go, I just didn’t know when. We’ve needed a new mattress for years now (ours was nine years old), and I knew I wanted to wait till we got a new one to tackle a new bed.

And then I got an email that made me do a double take – the Sleep Number folks asked if I wanted a bed. Uh. Yeah? I emailed them back and asked if they meant to say that. Yes, they did. Then I asked, for real, do I get to keep the bed? They said yes.

I’m not joking, I still think they may come pick it up. :) So after my initial dancing around our house with joy, we went to our local store and a totally friendly guy named Paul showed us our options. It was between the M7 and the P5. I didn’t know what those meant, but it turns out the M7 is the memory foam version:

sleep number bed memory foam

I was hesitant about the memory foam because I get SO hot when I sleep. I need to be totally cool to get a good night’s sleep and I’ve heard foam is notorious for making you hot. But their version is made with stuff called CoolFit that is supposed to keep you cool.

The P5 version is the more traditional bed – if you have a sleep number you may have this since it’s one of the most popular versions:

sleep number bed p5

There was something about that foamy bed though. Seriously. After we sunk into both versions we felt like we sunk even further into the memory foam one. Major cush factor.

You can see how happy I am in this horribly unflattering picture:

I had just sunk in. It was freakin’ awesome.

It took a while to get the bed – I don’t know if they make them for each customer specifically but you need to be patient to get your cush. It really wasn’t bad – about four weeks later and the delivery guys where here:

sleep number bed

So I mentioned I had four weeks, right? I knew I wanted to paint at least the wall of stripes on that back wall before the new bed got here – and I had FOUR WEEKS. But in true Sarah form, I was frantically painting the part behind the bed minutes before they arrived.

Sweating. And cursing (myself). A little.

Why did I wait? Well, they did move up the delivery a few days, which was a nice surprise. So there’s that. But otherwise…I still had plenty of time. It’s just how I roll.

I wanted to get that part of the wall painted because for some reason I thought the bed was going to be mega heavy and too hard to push around later. I don’t really know what I was thinking – I mean, AIR is a big part of this type of bed: sleep number bed

Smartness, ‘tis me.

They assembled everything in no time at all and gave me a nice tutorial on how to use it:

sleep number bed memory foam

This is the part where I’m sure they were like, uhhh, why is this chick taking pictures right now?

I have to admit I was a little overwhelmed at first – I was afraid I was going to do something wrong with the remote and the filling and all that.

The Bub and I were so stinking excited – he helped me make the bed and we filled it and giggled and let the air out and giggled and took pictures and sent them to my husband:

We were a little giddy. There was lots of turning the number down to 10 or as low as it would go just to see how much we’d sink in. It was awesome.

So I have to say…we're hooked on this bed. I don’t know why I was worried about the operation – it’s easy. You just set your number in the remote and push it before you go to sleep – hardly any effort at all. And I have to say – I was worried about having a remote, because I lose them constantly. But I haven’t lost this one once. It’s magic or something. (Just give me time…)

sleep number bed

And even though ours is the memory foam it doesn’t get hot at all – I haven’t noticed that it’s any warmer at night than our other bed. (And that’s saying a lot because it’s the middle of summer and our bedroom is always the warmest room in the house.)

So anyway…that’s what spurred on the room redo! And it’s well on it’s way. It’s going to look completely different than before:

DIY tufted headboard

So far I’ve painted (one wall – and I haven’t even cut in yet, as you can tell), made the new headboard and found the new bedding. I actually found the bedding months ago – LOVE it.

There’s so much left to do! New art, new window treatments. And the bookcase nightstands are going ASAP – I had to use bookcases with our old bed because the bed was so high. Now I’m afraid I’m going to knock my head into the corner of mine when I get out of bed in the morning:

DIY tufted headboard

I think every room needs some black, but these are just black holes in here right now.

I already have lamps (I’m moving the previous sconces somewhere else in the house) and was waiting till I find nightstands to bring them in, but it looks so empty without them! I may bring them up today.

I’m so excited about how the headboard turned out!! Next I’ll show you how I made it and more about the bedding. (This week.):

DIY tufted headboard So here’s the thing though – I decided on that fabric for the headboard after I painted the wall. Now I think I want to go even lighter on the walls. It matches a little too much for me – I think I want more contrast. At least I’ve only painted one wall. See? I procrastinate for a reason. Or something.

OH! We got something else recently – our new little nugget:

little nugget kitten

We named him Colby and he’s still just a little peanut. We got him early because he was rescued from a bad situation – all of his siblings died. :( We’ve had him for a couple weeks now and he is adorable! But he’s climbing on the new headboard so someone is getting their nails trimmed today. :/

So there you go – our new bed and the start of our bedroom redo! The biggest part of the redo is something I’m hiring out – hardwood floors! Not sure if they will happen this month or next but I cannot WAIT. We want to do the whole upstairs but it was too expensive, so we’re piecing it out room by room. And I already have an amazing rug that I got last Christmas that’s going in here. So excited!!

Overall we’re thrilled with our Sleep Number – we love it! We are sleeping better than ever – I noticed from the first night that I don’t toss and turn nearly as much. In our old bed I would wake up so many times a night to turn over and try to get comfy, now it’s a couple times if that. That was a biggie that I noticed. Oh, and my number is 30 (super soft) and hubby’s is 45 or 50. I love finding out people’s number now. ;)

Do you love your bed? Do you have a Sleep Number? I’ll share the headboard tutorial soon!

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