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Month in review and hydrangea update

Hello all and WHOOT for Friday! We’re having a blast so far this summer, hope yours has been great! I’m back with another month in review for May, and I’m a little behind. Whatevs.

I’m trying to keep up with questions in the posts too, so if you’ve had any in the comments on these posts, go back and take a look – you should see a response! Or you will by the end of the weekend. :)

First up was a super yummy, super easy dessert I found:

two ingredient dessert

Only two ingredients and it’s SO GOOD! I tried it with cherry filling too, but I still prefer the pineapple. YUMMO.

We had an interested discussion about shopping Goodwill and how the prices have changed:

goodwill prices

I guess I wasn’t the only one who has noticed a change! I will continue to shop there, it’s just not as often as I used to.

There was a lot of powder room progress, finally! I shared some of it here and the new paint color here:

wood planked wall wood planked wall

And my cheater crown molding method here:

easy crown molding

No, I haven’t abandoned the room again. Well, kinda. It’s thisclose to done!! I just have to finish painting some trim and I’ve been putting it off. It WILL be done next week, stay tuned for the reveal!

I shared a small change that I thought made a big difference in the living room:

sisal rug living room

Go here to see what it was. :)

I celebrated five years of blogging in May and shared my thoughts, advice and what I consider my top five projects here:

stained stairs

Ripping the carpet off those stairs was high on that list. :)

I have a favorite resource for inexpensive and fun knobs:

cheap decorative knobs

Their selection is HUGE too!

Towards the end of the month I showed you our backyard garden, as it is now:

backyard garden

We’ve already added a few new things back there, but what I’m most excited about is the hydrangea progress! If you remember back on this post last summer, I told you how I cannot get them to grow! I moved them around last year and they did OK, but still didn’t bloom.

This was one set of plants as they were in that post:

growing hydrangeas

And this is them now, just two weeks later!:

growing hydrangeasThose are BLOOMS people!! 

We have had the MOST glorious summer so far – seriously amazing. Low temps, lots of rain – they LOVE it:

 growing hydrangeasgrowing hydrangeas

That one has a ton of blooms going on it, and the others are flowering as well:

growing hydrangeas

Here’s the area on the back of the patio before:

growing hydrangeas

I took out the one that had died and replaced it with a new one, so I can’t take credit for the large one on the left:

growing hydrangeas

Well, I guess I can take credit that it’s still alive and blooming. ;) But the others are doing much better. Oh yeah, and there’s a tree there now too. We put it there for shade on the patio, but I’m hoping it gives those hydrangeas some much needed relief from the sun in the hotter months as well.

Have I mentioned how happy I am that for the first time ever…I have blooms!!:

growing hydrangeas growing hydrangeas

Awesome, eh? I am so excited!! I have hope hydrangeas don’t hate me anymore.

Finally, I finished off the month with a spot in the master I call the “man nook”:

sitting area bedroom

That corner used to be dark and gloomy, now it’s a pretty spot that the hubby loves to use! I’m starting on some big changes in this room this weekend!

That’s it for the month of May – did you miss one? :) How has your summer weather been so far? Have a great weekend peeps, I’ll see you back here next week!

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