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Mt Hood Vacation Rentals Guest Survey - Fall 2010

Many thanks to our past guests who completed this fall's Guest Survey.  Your answers help us to know what you are looking for when you stay in a Mt Hood Vacation Rental and to serve you even better, the next time you visit.

There was a good cross-section of guests who completed the survey.  The vacation rentals you stayed in were spread evenly across our inventory of homes.  You visit Mt Hood throughout all of the seasons of the year.  And you all agreed (65% - 88% of you) that the most important factors in making the final decision of which home to stay in were:
  • The home had the amenities you wanted
  • The home was in the location you wanted
  • The home had enough bedrooms and bathrooms
  • The home was available for your desired dates
  • The rental rate of the home was a good value
However, surprising to us is that for about half of you, the decor and style of the home was only a consideration; for the other half of you it was very important.
  • When asked to rate amenities on a scale of 1 - 5, with 5 being very important, you all mostly agreed here, too.
  • 73% rated riverfront or creekfront as a 4 or 5
  • 72% rated secluded settings as a 4 or 5
  • 66% rated fireplace or woodstove as a 4 or 5
  • 62% rated a hot tub as 4 or 5
  • 60% rated decor & style as a 4 or 5

Even though 26% of you told us you visit for skiing, snowboarding and snowplay, 44% gave the importance of staying in a home at the snowline a 1; 26% of you rated the snowline location as a 3.

A pet-friendly home was rated as a 5 for 34% of you.  And 43% said it was not important.

Your reasons to visit are varied.  However, a whopping 72% told us that you come to relax.  The top reasons to visit are:
  • 36% visit for a Friends' Gathering
  • 26% visit to Ski/Snowboard/Snowshoe/Snowplay
  • 26% visit to Hike
  • 25% visit for a Romantic Getaway/Anniversary, Honeymoon, Proposal
  • 25% visit while on an Oregon Vacation
  • 12% visit for a Family Reunion
  • 12% visit for a Birthday Celebration

And it turns out that of our guests who answered this survey, you tend to be in the 30-59 age group and traveling without kids. 
  • 54% visited without anyone under the age of 18.  Of those who did travel with kids, 38% brought 1-3 children with them.
  • 52% had 1 or 2 in the group aged 19-30
  • 66% had 1 or 2 in the group aged 31-45
  • 61% had 1 or 2 in the group aged 46-59
  • 44% had 1 or 2 in the group aged over 60; equally 44% had no-one in the age group

Over 60% rated our website, mthoodrentals.com with a 5.
  • 64.5% gave top ratings to Gathering information about the homes
  • 63.5% gave top ratings to Overall navigation of website
  • 61.9% gave top ratings to Ease of online booking
  • 61.3% gave top ratings to Searching for homes

A few of you mentioned that you would like to see the address to the home on the website.  We do not give out addresses to homes until check-ins to protect the privacy and honor the security of other guests and to protect the overall security of the home.  As noted above, 72% of you told us that a secluded location is important to you.  And 40-60% of our guests live within a 2-hour drive which makes it easy to drive up to the mountain in advance of their visit to check out the home.  When you are visiting, we do not want you to be disturbed by a future guest who is just looking around.  This policy ensures that everyone will enjoy their private and secluded vacation.

We do try to post as many photos of the surrounding area as possible, so you can get an idea of the type of neighborhood and the proximity of other homes. We also have 360 virtual tours for each home posted on the website. You can find the virtual tour by clicking on the Overview page of each home, then scrolling down to the end of the text and clicking on "Take the Tour".

How do you prefer to make your reservation?
  • 64% said you prefer to book online
  • 62% said they would prefer to email us
  • 38% said your least preferred method of contact is by phone, while 38% said your most preferred method of contact is by phone
38% of you have a smart phone and 91% of you use it to view emails.  The next most popular use at 57% is for using the GPS to find our office and your rental home.  We want to warn you that GPS systems are often inaccurate in the Mt Hood area.  The tall trees and mountains sometimes get in the way of the satellites; it is not uncommon for our guests who use GPS's without referring to the maps and directions we give you to get lost.

How can we do better?

Besides asking for addresses for homes, the most common requests are to provide more detailed descriptions and photos of the homes and surrounding landscape on our website.  We will work on that during the next 6 months.  You also made miscellaneous comments regarding maintenance and housekeeping. We strive to keep our homes beautifully maintained and cleaned; during October and November, we are doing a thorough deep clean of all of our vacation homes. We are also servicing furnaces, woodstoves and fireplaces, septic systems, cleaning all gutters and windows and having our carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned.

You had lots of great compliments, too.  Most of the compliments were also regarding the maintenance and housekeeping.  We heard several comments like the one below:

"It was beautiful, relaxing, the house was perfect for our vacation, quiet, peaceful, and the hot tub was great! We had a WONDERFUL time and will definately be back!"
"Location & pet friendly-ness. I love that we can stay in an exceptionally beautiful and clean home with our pets."
"The whole rental was amazing. The location, how secluded it was, that INCREDIBLE kitchen, the amenities (seriously, how soft those sheets were!). I have traveled extensively and this ranks in the top two trips. Thanks!"
"Everything about the home was exactly how it was described and explained both on the website and by your wonderful and very helpful office staff. They were very responsive and friendly. The home was clean and amenities were great"
"We loved that the kitchen was well stocked for cooking. The home was cozy and felt clean, not like a "revolving door "rental."

A very common sentiment is "It was very secluded, yet near to everything. We absolutely adored the privacy of the personal hot tub overlooking the river."

Congratulations to Karen S. of Washington.  She won our random drawing of all survey takers.  She will receive an adult lift ticket and an annual Sno-park permit when she stays in a Mt Hood Vacation Rental this winter season.

If you would like to make a reservation at a Mt Hood Vacation Rental, please contact us:

866-761-8029   Email   Book Online   Live Chat   Push to Talk

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