Rabu, 08 Mei 2013

Plastic Business Cards for Marketing

Plastic business cards are small pocket sized cards that take the traditional business cards to a new level. These cards are made of PVC plastic and make a great advertising tool that can polish your business image in an instant. Plastic business cards are durable, scratch and tear proof and hence promise a lasting impression. They are not too heavy on the pocket and can be completely customized to reflect the services offered by a business in a unique and professional manner.

The plastic business cards bear essential information about the business, company or individual. They include the business logo, contact information, business website and the main business message. They can also include bank account or tax codes. One has the option of getting the card to incorporate a magnetic or signature strip in order to make the card look more professional.

The cards do not have to be designed on plain PVC plastic. Customers have the option of choosing from a variety of different textures. There are clear cards, translucent cards and other plastic cards varying in their transparency. Clear cards are a great fool proof way of creating an effortless impression that will always have your customers feeling valued. You can have your cards looking similar to a credit card in no time!

Lithographic technology has made it possible for high quality graphics to be embedded on the cards. The technology provides exceptional visually appealing graphics that can instantly give your plastic business cards a sleek and elegant boost of professionalism. The ability to create striking cards can have you intimidated, just be sure to keep your budget in mind.

One can also create 3D looking plastic businesscards that provide a raised print effect. The effect is created using a process known as thermography. Thermography uses plastic powder that sticks to the wet ink of the card and dries to provide a raised 3D effect. The result is extra ordinary! The cards can also be laminated for extra shine.  Options for customization are endless.

In order to utilize the plastic business cards at their best, get hold of a reliable plastic card printing company that can offer you reasonable prices without compromising on quality. The company must have a good and reliable reputation in the industry and must provide you with samples of plastic business card designs. It is ideal to do a bit of research beforehand so that you can make the most of your money.

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